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M.COLLARD Waste Management Service believes recycling is the future. We endeavour to recycle as much as possible from waste brought in to our transfer station in Reading and our sister company's recycling centre in Wokingham..

Metal Recycling in Wokingham

Our sister company R Collard provide metal recycling in Wokingham. Metal for recycling can be delivered to their scrapyard in Wokingham, or they can collect direct from you.

Scrap Cars in Wokingham

R Collard also scrap cars in Wokingham. Whenever possible materials from the car, especially the metal, are recycled.

The way they scrap cars is friendly to the environment. All pollutants, such as oil, petrol, coolant and air conditioning gas are removed and carefully disposed of. The cars are dismantled into their component parts. and each part recycled if possible. For example the tyres may be shredded and used as safe flooring in playgrounds.

Reusable Products from Recycling

From a variety of sources we recycle concrete, hardcore, soil, timber, green waste etc turning each into a quality recycled products. This reduces the need for environmentally unfriendly and costly tipping at landfill sites. At our recycling centre operated by qualified professionals, we continuously turn waste into these quality reusable products:

  • Screened Topsoil
  • Composted mulch
  • Woodchip
  • Crushed concrete
  • Hardcore